Corporate Rseponsibility

We believe that good corporate
citizenship is good for business.

  Avtez - Committed to Environmental Leadership  
  Avtez - Corporate Responsibility Executive Steering Committee  

Avtez, Committed to Environmental Leadership

Avtez is committed to environmental leadership in all of its business activities, from its operations to the design of its products and use of its technology. Avtez's corporate policy on environmental affairs, first issued in 2016, is supported by the company's global environmental management system, which is the key element of the company's efforts to achieve results consistent with environmental leadership and ensures the company is vigilant in protecting the environment across all of its operations worldwide.

Environmental and Societal Performance.

Our senior management is ultimately responsible for our economic, environmental and societal performance, as well as compliance with laws, regulations and the corporate policies that govern our operations and practices worldwide. This responsibility begins with our CEO and includes the Avtez Board of Directors and its committees that regularly review performance and compliance.


Avtez Corporate Responsibility Executive Steering Committee, made up of executives from all relevant global functions across Avtez, provides leadership and direction across our corporate responsibility activities. The Steering Committee includes members from human resources, employee well-being, corporate governance, environmental affairs, governmental programs, and corporate citizenship. Through all of our community efforts, as through our business pursuits, we step up as full partners, providing meaningful leadership in creating solutions, bringing them to scale and making them sustainable.

We also believe that good corporate citizenship is good for business. For example, strong communities, strong healthcare systems and strong schools go hand-in-hand with strong business enterprises, which are directly connected to jobs and economic growth. This is how our good corporate citizenship can help produce real value for society and all of Avtez Corporation.

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