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Avtez Partner Relationship Management
Avtez Partner Relationship Management:

Partner Relationship Management:

Communications service providers (CSPs) and businesses leverage application programming interfaces (APIs) to increase revenues, reduce operational and development costs, and enhance subscriber satisfaction. The revenue potential is huge, as APIs are the cornerstone for new business models enablement in multiple domains including digital content, unified communications, Big Data, machine-to-machine (M2M), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), just to name a few.

Avtez Partner Relationship Management (PRM) can help you build a community of internal developers and trusted external partners, enabling you to bring new, innovative services to market faster and monetize company assets. PRM offers the API management solution you need to properly and efficiently control, secure, monetize, and evolve APIs. It includes a developer portal component providing access and tools for a successful developer/partner ecosystem—enabling a bigger play in the digital life economy.

Avtez Relationship Management components deliver a successful developer ecosystem

      Developer portal for internal and external developers and partners.
      Easy onboarding of developers.
      Application management.
      Analytics reporting.

Relationship Management Program Benefits

Typically, companies incur high costs of acquiring software licenses, implementation fees, maintenance costs, and other IT expenditures to purchase and deploy traditional “on-premise” software solutions.

Avtez offers a complete suite of business applications “on demand” or “as a service.” Customers simply pay a relatively low set-up fee and monthly per-user subscription fees to access the system. Avtez manages the hardware, software, updates, and maintenance on an ongoing basis. This type of business model is also known more generally as “Managed Business Solutions,” where applications and services are hosted and available to end users via the Internet.


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